The last correspondence I had with Sister Wendy Beckett was about her book Real Presence. In it she wrote about looking at very early icons and how different that experience was compared to looking at a more typical painting. Instead of inspiring the imagination the way an old master, for example, would, she wrote that an icon is a tool for prayer, appealing to the spirit. After decades in the studio making and looking at abstract paintings, I have relied on the belief that art and spirit are one in the same and have always wanted my work to lead to something greater than myself. Perhaps I am now an abstract iconographer. I certainly spend a lot of time contemplating my paintings. Whether I keep or destroy them depends on whether they continue to answer the question "what happens next?"

I was given a postcard of a Giovanni di Paolo (1398-1492) painting entitled Paradiso. It is a painting of transition yet the people are joyful. My recent work has been inspired by this.